Stella M Lauria


Life push me to develop myself as mother, artist and wife in New York City, USA.

In my childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina at 7 years old I start with classes of modeling on Clay with talented Sculptor Dora Rebolini and at that age I knew what is to be like a fish on water. In my teens I take drawing classes with Kike Sanzol.

As young adult I learn and do a wide variety of things as Astrology, Yoga, Graphic Design, Talent Voice Over for Broadcasting, Make up artist, I study Classic Music in a Conservatory, I take singing classes few years, I learn to do Metalsmithing Jewelry , and I’m Technician in Marketing and Advertising. The list never stop as my curiosity.

In the Art Students League of New York I studied:

Oil Painting Portraits with Mary Beth McKenzie, Sharon Sprung, Robert Cenendella, Dan Gheno, Jerry Weiss, Simon Levenson

Sculpture on Clay with Barney Hodes

Watercolor with Naomi Campbell and Elizabeth Allison

Abstract Painting with Ronnie Landfield, Jill Nathanson, Frank O’Cain, Jill Nathanson 

If you want contact me to participate in one of your projects

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